Light 'Em Up

The Lie Behind the Lie Detector: A blistering exposé of the truth that polygraph examiners will NEVER reveal, with Mr. George Maschke, Co-Founder of

August 28, 2021 Phillip Rizzo Season 2 Episode 13
Light 'Em Up
The Lie Behind the Lie Detector: A blistering exposé of the truth that polygraph examiners will NEVER reveal, with Mr. George Maschke, Co-Founder of
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In our final episode in the intense 3-part trilogy on ALL THINGS: Polygraph, we rip the band-aid off the topic in one jarring and impactful conversation!

We have the high privilege of sitting and talking with Mr. George Maschke, polygraph expert and Near East Languages & Cultures Ph.D. (UCLA).

On Monday, May 15, 1995, everything began to go downhill for George.

At the time, he was a 12-year veteran of the US Army, having served in both an
active and reserve capacity.  He served as an interrogator, strategic debriefer, and tactical intelligence officer---and had continuously held a security clearance since 1983.

His encounter with the now deceased Jack Trimarco, who after retiring from The FBI in 2000, began conducting polygraph “tests” for the Dr. Phil TV Talk Show, lasted some 3 hours.  And at the end of those 3 hours, Trimarco concluded that our guest was a spy, a drug user and drug dealer.

His application to be a Special Agent with the FBI was rejected, and the false accusations of his deception from his examiner were entered into his permanent FBI Headquarters file.

The FBI's accusations have had life-changing consequences for him.

George was crystal clear with us that a “A failure of an FBI polygraph exam is a lifetime disqualification, there are no second chances.”  George poured everything he had physically, mentally and emotionally into trying to understand “how exactly he could tell the truth and yet still fail the exam” – an exam that the examiner said was “90% accurate”.  He conducted an exhausting and deep investigation to better understand how he fell through the cracks --- this is the story of that journey and a large portion of his life.

On September 18, 2000 he helped co-found – shortly after his high-level security clearance was stripped from him by The U.S. Army. is a non-profit, public interest website dedicated to exposing and ending waste, fraud, and abuse associated with the use of polygraphs and other purported “lie detectors”.  He co-authored The Lie Behind the Lie Detector. 

George adamantly states that “polygraphy is most definitely not a science.

He is resolute on his positions that:  My two previous guests: (Holly Niotti-Soltesz and Gil Witte) didn’t explain fully the function of the “control questions”.  He holds that the public isn’t supposed to understand the full function of the control questions.  He has “cast the gauntlet”, letting it be known that he would enjoy openly debating either or both of my previous guests!

He shares clear and effective techniques that you can employ to beat the test – that those who administer polygraph tests NEVER want you to be knowledgeable of.

As we drill deeper, farther and wider in this EXPLOSIVE episode you will hear detailed action steps to take on:  

 🧨If a person is charged with a crime and asked to take a polygraph exam, what should that person do immediately? 
 🧨Facts you need to know if you ever face an employment screening polygraph exam. 
 🧨Is the polygraph machine simply a “prop” for an interrogator to intimidate and scare confessions out of criminals?  
🧨If there any truth involved in the “lie detector”, or is it all smoke and mirrors and a charade? 🧨We define for you what the Control Question Test or “CQT” actually is and its import.  We expose – the “dirty little secrets” that lie behind the polygraph “test” as it relates to the “CQT”. 🧨Whether the polygraph exam is dependent on the examiner lying and deceiving the subject who is being examined.  

Tune in and be empowered!
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